31/7 2002

GoodNES 1.01

Cowering har precis uppdaterat sitt romomdöparverktyg GoodNES igen. Nu känner den igen hela 8820 NES-rommar.


28/7 2002

FakeNES 0.2.0

Nytt är:

    Miscellaneous changes:
  • Added fast zero-page memory access to CPU emulation.

  • Eliminated some obsolete return values in CPU emulation.

  • Changed the CPU execution dispatcher to be inline to the main execution loop.

  • Fixed a serious bug in address wrapping of ROMs that weren't an even power of 2.

  • Fixed a bug which caused executed-frames counter to only count unrendered frames.

  • Improved POSIX base support and the autoconf-based build system.

  • Implemented loading of ROMs from ZIP files, must be the first file.

  • Fixed a serious bug in video mode initialization (??).

  • Video output changes:
  • Added the ability to specify blit region, to hidding vertical scrolling.

  • Added a toggle to the Options > Video menu in the GUI for 'force_window'.

  • Added 2xSCL blitter (similar to 2xSOE, only better and slower).

  • Improved the overall performance of basic blitting routines.

  • PPU rendering changes:
  • Moved checks for sprites/background enabled outside of drawing loops.

  • Altered cache-preloading in display rendering.

  • Memory mapper support changes:
  • Fixed a serious addressing bug in Bandai mapper.

  • Fixed a serious IRQ timing structure bug in Bandai mapper.

  • Added FFE F3 series (iNES mapper 8) support.

  • Added Konami VRC6 and VRC6V (iNES mappers 24 and 26) support.

  • Added preliminary MMC5 (iNES mapper 5) support.

  • Implemented partial ExSound support for both VRC6 and MMC5 mappers.

  • Audio rendering & output changes:
  • Fixed initialization accepting a null driver, causing the emulator to freeze.

  • Added random noise addition dithering for low quality output.

NeoPop 0.54

Ännu en gång har NeoGeo Pocket-emulator NeoPop uppdaterats.
Nytt är:

  • I've significantly improved the paths dialog, relative paths now work.
  • Improved handling of a failed rom load.

  • Fixed the flickering graphics problems by implementing a cheap hack.

  • Added a hack to improve the "Ogre Battle" background colour.

  • Incorporated an optimiser for flash data to reduce the size for some games. Flash files from v0.53 are 100% compatible.

  • Some minor improvements to the emulation core.

  • Tweaked sound support a little bit, no real improvements...

Steem 2.4

Denna Atari ST-emulator har uppdateras.
Nytt är:

    Bug Fixes
  • Blitter halftone bug thanks to Hans Härröd (Obsession, Substation)

  • Movem register mask bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala (Vodka Demo)

  • Movem predecrement order bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala (Alien Storm)

  • Asl.b carry bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala

  • move to abs.l prefetch bug fixed with help from Kimmo Hakala (Synth Dream 2)

  • Blitter NFSR bug thanks to Hans Härröd (Ecstasy demo)

  • GPIP, AER and DDR emulation vastly improved (Realtime, M)

  • STE sound improved (Coreflakes demo)

  • Speeded up stop instruction

  • JPEG screenshot extension bug fixed

  • Stopped using DirectSound 7, using DirectSound 2 again

  • Removed pop sound when stop

  • Stopped auto fast forward on floppy access messing with normal fast forward

  • Fixed timer timeout after stop bug (Test Drive)

  • New Features
  • Sound output format option

  • Debug: Branch target address display

  • XSteem: Sound output to stdout option ("stdout" in the sound device box)


Jag hittade en fräck sida för dig som gillar att bygga med datorer. Bland annat har de använt skalet från ett NES och stoppat in PC utrustning! Snacka om orginell datorlåda :)


27/7 2002

Nebula 2.19a

  • Fixed gfx glitches in Dragon World 2
  • Fixed zooming (very noticeable in dragwld2 intro)
  • Fixed missing parts of some sprites (KOV flashes)

  • Fixed some remaining music speeds...

  • Fixed Garou missing animations (esp. some Grant moves).
  • Select button should be working in all games now (not only garou).
  • Added the game slot switch button to switch games forwards (key 9=switch backwards, key 0=switch forwards)

  • Fixed (hopefully) Romcenter Dat generation.
Nebula's hemsida

26/7 2002

DOSBox 0.50

Yup, en DOS-emulator till Windows och Linux.
Nytt är:

  • added F3 to repeat the last typed command.

  • made it possible to change the shellmessages(dosshell). so you can costumize it.(dosbox.lang)

  • changed cpu core.

  • Fixed a lot of errors with the keyboard: shift-f1 and alt-f1 now works.

  • Fixed some division errors.

  • made a plugin system.

  • added a lot of real 386 mode instructions.

  • made it possible to resize the screen.

  • Mayor source cleanup/reorganisation.

  • Complete rewrite of the graphics routines. Should make it possible to implement more fancy things like 2xsai,interpolation.

  • changed the sound playback.

  • Changed the vga drawing to only draw on memory changes, instead of drawing an entire frame.

  • fixes to the soundblaster/dma code should be able to play 4-bit adpcm compressed sounds.

  • added the correct time to dir.

  • bugfixes to batch-file handling.

  • Lot's of small bugfixes.(Dune1&2,wolf3d, many more).

  • Released the source.

NeoPop 0.53

Ännu en version av NeoPop har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • Added flash support, use the "Options\Paths..." menu to configure.
  • Added DMA support, improves/enhances _many_ games.
  • Added a B&W renderer, both NGP and NGPC systems are now supported.
  • Renamed the colour selection menu option to a selection of 'System Type'.
  • Added an auto detect option to 'System Type' based on the rom's header. This can be manually overidden - but I recommend leaving it.
  • Added negative colour mode emulation. Used by "Faselei!" in B&W mode.
  • Fixed a graphics bug that was creating a mis-sized hardware window. This was causing glitches in several games, including "Metal Slug 2".
  • Added LINK and UNLK instructions to make "Rockman Battle and Fighters" work without causing an error.
  • Added MIRR instruction to prevent an error in "Card Fighters 2"
  • I've removed the "Evolution" Hack as it wasn't working.
  • Switched DirectX version down to Version 5 - this is the lowest possible. Hopefully this also allows users of Windows 95 and NT 4 to play?
  • Small fix: no default sound frequency was given if the registry setting was missing.
  • There have also been some minor fixes to the CPU emulation.
  • There is a known problem that the horizontal interrupt timing isn't accurate for ALL games - please help, fix my code - i'm stumped!

confusionGBx 0.4

En ny version av confusionGBx har släppt.
Ingen aning om vad som är nytt. :(


23/7 2002

NESTron 0.6.2b

En ny version av NESTron har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • Added Fast Forward (again) (Press ~).
  • Added Stereo Sound.
  • Tweaked CPU timing a bit. This may make some games work incorrectly, but it makes most games run a lot better.
  • Added "recent folders" menu.
  • Fixed a sound bug in the savestate/loadstate features.

22/7 2002

NeoPop 0.52

Ännu en ny version av NeoPop har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • Fix a major bug that stopped "Metal Slug 2" working correctly.
  • Fixed saving in other games including "Bust-a-Move" and "Sonic".
  • Added some more missing instructions that allow some of the pachinko "games" to work (not tested thoroughly).
  • Added a hack for "Evolution" (US version only) to allow you enter a dungeon. Not 100% confident this is correct.
  • I've moved the 'bugs.txt' file into the main release.
  • Please help me by sending in new bug reports, preferably for obscure problems that happen further into a game (a saved state would help!)
  • Fixed the communications problem that was causing "Fatal Fury" to complain on one of it's menus.

JNES V0.50 beta 2

En ny version av JNES har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed recent menu saving to registry.
  • Fixed status bar when rom is opened.
  • Windowed blitter now has choice adds Super2xSai and Scanlines.
  • Fixed mask generation, more roms should work
  • Main window and rom browser positions saved on exit.
  • Cheats window moved around, multi-line cheats in dbase supported.
  • Packed more into each 24bpp xlation write, hopefully improves speed.
  • Fixed 15 bit color mode.
  • Cheats file has seen some enhancements.

21/7 2002

NeoPop 0.51

Ännu en version av NeoPop har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • This version only fixes a few little problems with yesterdays release. It was impossible to proceed to the next level in "Bust-a-Move" because the flash memory write was incorrect.
  • I've added back the performance percentage meter due to popular demand!
  • Most of the changes have been to the source code. I've found time to make a big clean up of the Windows sections, which were the worst (although the debugger still remains pretty messy, it's been totally isolated).
    This version of the code should be much easier to port to other systems.

Dragon Quest 1+2 Reprise

RPGOne har nu släppt en 100% översättning av DQ12r till SNES! Det finns två olika patchar, en med de japanska namnen och en med de engelska Dragon Warrior-namnen. Jag har inte spelat den, men den sägs vara proffesionellt gjord. Så, gå och spela nu.


20/7 2002

NeoPop 0.50

En riktigt stor uppdatering. Dessutom har källkoden släppts fri.
Nytt är:

  • NeoPop is now open source! (under the GPL) I hope there are people out there who can help improve the sound emulation and fix the remaining problems. If you have fixed a bug or added a useful feature, please e-mail me a description of the changes.
  • A lot of work has gone into making the code as tidy as possible, but the focus has really been on the emulation core
  • The Windows code is pretty messy, and will probably get a major shuffle at a later date. I hope the interfaces will remain the same, I think i've covered every aspect, but probably i've missed something out. This shouldn't cause major problems for porters... I hope!

  • Rather than describe every little thing, let's just say that there have been a number of bug fixes and optimisations made across the board. Both executables are also a lot smaller.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing residual sound to be played if the next rom you used had no sound chip initialisation (most PD roms). This was caused by the sound chips not being reset.

  • Added buffered stereo DAC output
  • seems to work pretty well! The timing is wrong for all games, but it's a start. The output frequency is compensated for and the sample is matched to fit. This stops 44Khz mode playing 4 times faster for example. Tried to add a DAC buffer data count to prevent overflows and overruns, however this introduces a lot of noise...

  • Improved sound mixing, should create less noise and distortion.

  • Added auto pause when focus is lost or the window is minimised.

  • Fixed the communications functions to prevent "Gals Fighters" from complaining about a link error during the menus. However, this has caused a similar problem in "Fatal Fury" on the 1P/2P selection, however, this is far less of a problem.

  • Fixed timer interrupt levels

  • I've fixed saving of the main window location in the registry.

  • Disabled an optimisation in the memory viewer. This has fixed the crashing bug that was occuring when using the shortcuts.

  • The memory viewer now wraps around to 0 after the bios.

  • Allowed the memory viewer to alter the rom data - this makes it easier to test out possible hacks.

  • Added HLE support for 'flash write'. The data isn't saved to disk yet, but the rom is altered and settings are saved beteen resets.

  • Hacked "Sonic Pocket Adventure" to ignore it's flash checksum. It is now possible to proceed past the first level = thanks to Judge_ for help with getting started on that one.

  • Hacked "Metal Slug 2" so that it saves as well.

  • Fixed the DAA instruction , finally!

  • Thanks to Judge_ for the code to do it.
    • Improves "CPU Test by Judge_ (PD)" - passes all tests!
    • Fixes the scores in many games
    • Fixes the betting values in gambling games.
  • Added RLD and RRD instructions.
    • Fixes "Neo Cherry Master Color"
  • Fixed the default hardware window border colour.
    • Improves "Squall (PD)"
  • In the debugger, i've made the two breakpoint values so that they can be copied from, this is more convenient for me when I need to remember a value between sessions.
  • Changed the memory viewer to accept the first 8 digits (previously 6) for both the address targetter and the editor. This makes it easier to cut and paste from the register window.

  • Made the same change to the primary address box, for the same reason.

  • Added colour/greyscale menu option, but it's disabled because the greyscale core hasn't been written yet.

  • Added basic uDMA support, doesn't affect anything ("Fatal Fury", etc);

  • Added DMA state saving, new state version... sorry!

GoodMSX2 0.9992

Rom-omdöparen GoodMSX2 har uppdaterats och känner nu igen 166 olika rommar.


19/7 2002

GoodMSX1 0.9992

Rom-omdöparen GoodMSX1 har uppdaterats och känner nu igen 589 olika rommar.


VirtuaNES 0.68

Efter tre dagar utan några som helst emulator-uppdateringar har äntligen en emulator uppdaterats (YAY). VirtuaNES heter den och är en Japansk NES-emulator.
Nytt är:

  • Correct that a title of PalleteView became PatternView.

  • Correct that there wasn't Drag&Drop of a movie file and a state file.

  • Correct that there wasn't header editing with built-in launcher.

16/7 2002

GoodSNES 0.9995

Rom-omdöparen GoodSNES har uppdaterats och känner igen 37 nya rommar.Tanka ner verktyget hos oss eller i kanalen #rareroms på NewNet (irc.newnet.com).


Nebula 2.19

Nebula har uppdaterats igen.
Nytt är:

  • Added Dragon World 2 (it has some gfx glitches due to some missing parts in the protection emulation)

  • Text layer should now be correctly aligned (it was 1 line too high)

  • CPS2
  • Fixed ssf2xj timing that was still wrong.

  • Fixed small autoanimation problems

  • Added neogeo multislot MVS emulation.

  • Usage:
    • in the rom loading screen, you'll see a dropbox to select in which neogeo slot you want to load the game. Just select the slot and hit load, then after loading a game, you can go and load another in a different (or the same, overriding it) slot. Note that you'll need a lot of RAM to hold all games in memory at the same time. To switch from game to game, use the button mapped as Button 5 in the input options (default key 0) The current bios supports 4 game slots. The default bios config only allows to switch games after inserting a coin. To change it, press F2, go to "set the soft dips", then "setting the cabinet", and change "Game selection" to "Free". Using savestates with multislot games may have unpredictable results. ALWAYS LOAD IN THE 1ST SLOT FIRST.

15/7 2002

ZSnes 1.36

En bugg-uppdateringen till 1.35-releasen för ett tag sen är här.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed Gunforce, added invalid HDMA modes. [_Demo_] (Thanks Overload!)

  • New BRR decoding method, this should resolve all the sound issues introduced in 1.35 and fix new ones. (Noise simulation isn't used anymore) [_Demo_]

  • Fixed another bug with command-line netplay. (Windows only) [pagefault]

  • Fixed hang in NBA Live 95 and 96. [_Demo_] (Thanks Overload!)

  • Fixed sound not working on first run. (Windows only) [pagefault]

  • Fixed some more mode 4 issues in the new gfx engine. [pagefault]

  • Added offset mode disable toggle to 8-bit new gfx engine. [pagefault]

  • Fixed SPC hang in 90 Minutes European Prime Goal by clearing spcram. [_Demo_]

  • Updated fix for Clayfighter to fix some bugs in battle. [_Demo_]

  • Fixed crash with certain games. (SDL/*nix only) [theoddone33]

  • Added better OBC1 detection. [_Demo_]

  • Special hack for Samurai Showdown IRQ problem. [_Demo_]

  • Special hack for Kamen Rider menu, requires special latch reading. [_Demo_]

  • Special hack for Super Famista 1 & 2 SPC bugs. [_Demo_]

  • Fixed some more bugs in video code. (Thanks Perryman for the video table) (Windows only) [pagefault]

  • Fixed Digital Devil Story hang by modifying the spc code. You must start a new game for the fix to work. [_Demo_]

  • Modified work ram init value to 0x55. (Thanks TRAC)

SNEeSe 0.706

En ytterst liten uppdatering till den här SNES-emulatorn.
Nytt är:

  • 65c816: Added support for the inability to acknowledge an IRQ in the instruction immediately after one that clears the I flag, fixes Marko's Magic Football

RockNES 2.01

En av de bästa NES-emulatorerna.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed fastforward, no more crashing (I hope);

  • Fixed mapper #1 (Dragon Warrior 3 & 4 work);

  • Fixed RSx savestate (missing mapper block ID);

  • Fixed audio silent (does nothing when no sound);

  • Fixed a couple of major problems with the GUI;

  • Gameplay is no more stopped if a ROM loading isn't successfull;

  • Key F11 disabled for quit-to-OS, since you can define a custom key;

  • CPU dumping now has timestamp and path included;

  • General tweaks and cleanups.

PlayGuy 1.02b

PlayGuy är en alldeles utmärkt GBx-emulator.
Nytt är:

    PlayGuy 1.02b Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed CPU utilization error when no ROM loaded.

  • Fixed Platform Video Shutdown code.

  • Fixed Video Scanline Code OBJ-to-BG priority bug. Sprites should now be correctly shown above and only above background color zero when background has priority over sprite. Sprites should now be displayed over other sprites correctly.

  • Fixed an Open State bug related to stored pointers for sound channel 3. Pointers now recalculated.

  • Fixed an Open State bug where a ROM cannot be found matching to the Save State because the files have been placed in a new directory.

  • Fixed a "Backup Window" bug so when switching between different fullscreen modes, the old windowed mode is still remembered.

  • Fixed a bug in DirectDraw to restore lost surfaces. This usually occurs when using Alt+Tab to switch between programs when in Full Screen Mode.

  • Fixed an open ROM error when opening a corrupted ROM.

  • Fixed CPU utilization when VSync is enabled.

  • PlayGuy 1.02b Features Added
  • Added support for Vertical Synchronization in windowed mode. Note that Fullscreen page flipping behaves this way by default.

  • Added support for Video Mode Enumeration and Multiple Fullscreen modes.

  • Added support for immediate switching of full screen Fullscreen modes when already in Fullscreen.

  • Added support for a stretched Fullscreen mode and a maintain aspect Fullscreen mode.

  • Added support for setting a default window size.

  • Added a Video Configuration Dialog.

  • Added support for Opening save states when the original ROM cannot be found
  • presents an open dialog to find the correct ROM. (e.g. in different directories, named different than when save state was created)

  • Added Keyboard Accelerators

  • Added Quick Load/Save State on F5/F6 keys

  • Added Pausing Feature

  • Added Inactive Feature when out of focus.

  • ASCII encoded name now appears in titlebar.

  • All strings are now in string resources

  • Three builds now: ANSI, MBCS, and UNICODE.

  • Added support for ZIP archives

  • Added support for RAR archives

  • Added MRU ROM List

Z26 1.56

Den bästa Atari 2600-emulatorn till DOS.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed problem with jumping video introduced in the previous release. Interrupts are still left on in the timer code. That wasn't the problem.

  • Thanks to Jason and Michael Dixon for help with this.

SainT 1.10

Atari ST/STE emulatorn SainT har även den blivit uppdaterad.


  • Memory snapshot: Save a snapshot anywhere you want of your fave game or demo ! Then run it later ! (you can save your best "Rick Dangerous" part anywhere in the game :-))
  • Debugger with keys fully documented ( click here ) to help programmer finding SainT compatibility problem and report us.
  • Use DirectX8.1 API to support futur "Dynamic Texture" caps.

Fixade buggar:
  • FDC Track register bug. ("Red sector conversion" in the Mindbomb demo)
  • Move prefetch bug fixed (now "the B.I.G demo" is running)
  • cmpa/bcc prefetch cycles timing (Galtan6 intro)
  • Screenshot preview is working even if in 32bits color-depth desktop.
Atari ST/STE emulatorer

13/7 2002

SEN Happening 2.0

00.15 -> Jukebox pissar i en buske!
00.30 -> Jpx pissar i en trappa!
01.00 -> sonar och jpx kramas

12/7 2002

Steem 2.3

Denna utmärkta Atari ST-emulatorn har uppdaterats.
Nytt är:

    Bug Fixes
  • Prefetch bug fixed thanks to Sébastien Molines (Subutteo, Anomaly Megademo protection)
  • Absolute mouse button flags thanks to Sébastien Molines (Cochon Qui Ait)

  • VAP reload timing (some ULM fullscreens)

  • MFP clock (more ULM fullscreens, Captain Blood)

  • Tighter top overscan timings (NeoShow)

  • PSG register masking (FOF menus, BBC Mindbomb screen)

  • HBL pending past next HBL bug

  • Obsession patch

  • STE shifter screen widening feature/bug (Obsession)

  • Small asr.l flag bug (Medway Boys 75)

  • Fixed lots of snapshot timing bugs (Lethal Xcess)

  • New Features
  • Extended monitor resolutions

  • Paste text into ST

  • RAR archive support

  • Independent left-right shift in shortcuts and joysticks

  • Automatic fast forward on disk access option

  • Screenshot format option (Windows only, needs FreeImage library)

  • Press ST Key -> for keypad enter

  • Auto update links

  • XSteem: 8-bit colour depth support

  • XSteem: External devices (experimental, might not work for anyone!)

  • XSteem: Screenshots

  • Debug: Added step over button
Atari ST/STE emulatorer

SNEeSe 0.705

Nytt är:

  • 65c816: Optimized portions of the main execution loop

  • SPC700: Optimized portions of the main execution loop, cycle conversions, and timer calculations

  • Memory map: Removed the hack for Mega Man X/Rock Man X, it was mistakenly commented out some time ago, but is no longer needed

  • Memory map: Added support for ROM mirroring, fixes Mega Man X/Rock Man X

  • SRAM: Corrected addressing in 512kbit and 1Mbit SRAMs, fixes Dezaemon and Thoroughbred Breeder 3

RockNES 2.0

Denna förträffliga NES-emulatorn har äntligen uppdaterats igen.
Nytt är:

  • Major source rewrite, fixing tons of problems for listing;

  • New savestate format, smaller and smart, no crashes;

  • PPU frame render slightly optimised/tweaked;

  • PPU and CPU timings work better;

  • Added a fast forward key (maximum speed <-> no framesync);

  • Added a sprite #0 hit patch for mapper #7 too (fix some Tradewest games);

  • Fixed PCM channel, removed hacks, added real-time counter;

  • Removed that Help text from GUI;

  • Config file (rocknes.ini) included to avoid problems;

  • A few mappers may be broken, so please, report them;

  • Compiled with the newest GCC/Allegro;

  • First release, be patient...

NeoPop 0.43

Ännu en release...
Nytt är:

  • Sound quality is now as good as it gets! I've implemented a buffered output after seeing how it was supposed to be done by Pete Bernert and the PeopsSpu team. This approach has made a tremendous improvement.

  • Sample playing is still missing, so you'll have to wait for the 'Sega' at the start of "Sonic Pocket Adventure" and the intro to "Faseli!" too.

  • No core fixes today. Same old bugs!

  • Joystick button names are now used instead of numbers in the config dialog box, this should be more user friendly (and was easier for me than having to re-write the dialog to support any alternative methods). Thanks to Nick K for pointing out that numbers weren't actually helpful!

  • Added a call to yield the CPU when paused, this will hopefully free up wasted system resources. Thanks to JAZ for the suggestion. I've still to add an auto pause option when the emulator looses focus...

  • There are still some sound glitches. I have noticed that sometimes the sound begins to break up. This can be fixed by moving the window around to reinitialise the buffer. Not ideal, but I've not been able to detect where the problem is being generated. I suspect that the breakups are caused by my slow program causing gaps...

  • Optimised both builds by 10%, I still need to do more to match the performance of MGPocket and fix the remaining sound problems.

11/7 2002

NEStron 0.6.1b

En NES-emulator (duh).
Nytt är:

  • Added NES Movie feature
  • Fixed mapper 3 video mirroring bug (sqoon)

  • Fixed a bug in the BRK opcode

  • Added NTSC/PAL speed switching

  • Fixed a bug in sprite 0 detection

  • Fixed mapper 4 graphics bug (Zombie Nation)

  • Fixed VRAM Addressing bug (transition effect of Final Fantasy 1 + 3)

  • The NESticle Palette is now the default palette. To change color palettes, click "Options->Graphics->Color Palettes" and select the desired palette.

VirtuaNES 0.67

En NES-emulator. Nuf said, som man säger på ren svenska.
Nytt är:

  • FDSplugin.dll became needless from a version of this time.
  • Change:
  • Remade a built-in source, a code of a FDS source.

  • Revision:
  • A MMC5 source sounds with a NSF player, and correct that there wasn't.

  • Correct a NSF player playback routine.

NeoPop 0.42

Neo Geo Pocket-emulatorn NeoPop har uppdaterats.
Nytt är:

  • Sound quality has been greatly improved, although there is still some noise present. It is possible to recognise all of the classic theme tunes ("King of Fighters", "Pac-Man" etc), so i'm quite pleased.
  • Sound frequency can be selected from the pop-up menu.

  • The program should be able to cope with machines that don't have a sound card. I haven't tested this fully though
  • if you have no sound card and you get a problem, please e-mail me.

  • A huge number of core optimisations, that aren't worth going into. The only thing to know is that performance is much greater than before! I've removed the performance percentage meter, as it was adding a useless overhead. Most games should run at a fair speed. It doesn't matter if it doesn't hit 100% all the time!

  • Added cycle counting data for almost all of the instructions. Relative timing should be correct now.

  • Improved graphics emulation accuracy by delaying certain registers until the next scanline. This has removed the corruption that was visible in many of the fighting games, among others.

  • Removed the graphics emulation hack that was causing "Fatal Fury" to have an incorrect background colour. It is the only game that i've seen that disables this colour. The implementation should now be correct all of the time.

  • An interrupt is generated if a write to 0xC000 is made by the Z80. Thanks to Ivan for that one. Improves "Sonic" internally, I don't see how though.

  • Set Vertical Interrupt level to 4 (confirmed correct), not 5 as it was. I haven't noticed any differences, but it may have removed some artefacts in rare cases.

  • Completely re-written the input update function as it was some of the oldest and worst code in the whole project. I've switched from the old buffered input method, to a simple state poll every frame. This has eliminated the problems of directions locking when the joystick was moved very quickly, and other annoying issues. (It's also more optimal code)

  • Fixed interpretation and disassembly of "POP.w (mem)", this was caused by a long standing bug in the instruction decoding tables.

    • Fixes "Cool Boarders"
    • Fixes "Sonic Pocket Adventure" (Can't play past first level though)

    • Fixes "NeoGeo Cup '98 Plus Color (JUE)"
  • Added faster, more accurate, decoding of addressing mode: (R32 + R8/R16). This was a problem near the code that caused some special moves in "Gals Fighters" to crash the game. These moves still cause a lock-up, but the real reason is unknown.

  • The debugger is refreshed more often, so the display is always current.

  • Fixed disassmbly of "LD (mem),(nn)" in both byte and word modes.

  • Added all of the remaining software interrupts (SWI) 3,4,5 and 6. Improves "Delta Warp" by adding the blue 'explosion' effect when covering a tile. I haven't noticed any other improvements elsewhere though.

  • The oldest feature on my todo list 'Autofire' has finally been added!

  • Reversed the value when debugging the sound chip volumes. I hope this helps Ivan!

  • Added system language selection (English / Japanese). Changing the option will take effect on the next reset. I didn't want to force a reset because it may only be an accidental change. I don't think this option will be adjusted often. Note: This feature is not connected with the language of the emulator. Configurable language resources will come in a later version. This option was easy to implement, configurable menu / dialog languages won't be so simple for me.

Gens 2.00

Den bästa Sega Mega Drive(Genesis)/32x/Sega CD-emulatorn Gens har blivit uppdaterad till version 2.00 med en mängd roliga nyheter.
Nytt är:

  • SH2 CPU emulation (custom ASM core) :
    • 100% instruction set implemented.
    • Full support of DMAC/DREQ.
    • Full support of external division unit.
    • Full support of watchdog timer.
  • Full support of FIFO registers and DMA.

  • 32X VDP emulation :

    • Support of fill function.
    • Full support of direct color mode.
    • Full support of packed pixel mode.

    • Support of run lenght mode without Genesis VDP and priority stuff.
  • PWM sound emulation (DREQ1 DMA not yet supported).

  • [SEGA CD]
  • Minors bugs fixed.

  • IPS patch support added.

  • Save state compatibility (Kega, Genecyst ...) improved.

  • Fixed a minor bug with Z80.

  • YM2612 :

    • Fixed a bug with frequency modulation LFO.
    • Fixed independent slot frequency calculation in special mode (channel 3).
  • PSG noise channel fixed.
  • VDP rendering engine improved :
    • Better colors rendering.
    • Faster.
  • Fixed a minor bug in country detection code.

  • Added some color adjustments feature :

    • Brightness adjustement.
    • Contrast adjustement.
    • Greyscale mode.

    • Invert mode.
    Note that contrast and brightness are not calculated correctly yet.
  • Rewritten Gens.txt by Red5 of the Genesis Project.

  • This is intended to be an updated/improved version of the old Gens.txt, it is not a "Gens Manual Lite" however and you will still need to download that for instructions on some of the more advanced features like Game Genie support.
  • Debug removed.

  • Screens saver is disable when Gens is running.

  • Modified the tiny application icon, the guy which sent me it will probably recognize it ;)


Efter ett tips av zbt på #emu-sweden hittade jag denna underbara tracker (musikprogram) gjord av Lasse Öörni. I denna tracker kan du skapa egna SID ljud, spela in egna melodier som låter som musiken på Commodore 64. Riktigt bra program och måste testas om man gillar musiken!! Surfa in på länken nedan och gå in på "Tools".


10/7 2002

Videogame Ringtone Archive

Helt klart en av de bästa samlingar med TV-spels ringsignaler till din Nokia mobil. På sidan finns 151 NES, 120 SNES, 61 GB och 59 N64 låtar. Du kan lyssna på en .mid version av alla låtar och dessutom är de jätteenkelt att föra över dem till sin mobil. Man behöver bara trycka in knapparna på mobilen i den följden som det står.

Videogame Ringtone Archive

9/7 2002


Samlar du på roms? Vill du arkivera dem och ha dem snyggt uppställda i hyllan med läckra etiketter och snygga CD-omslag? Då är sidan RetroCovers något för dig! Nyheter på denna sida är bl.a. CD-etiketter till SNES (CD 1-5). Fram och baksida samt CD-etikett till GBA (CD 3).


VisualBoyAdvance 1.0

GB/GBC/GBA emulatorn VisualBoyAdvance har släppts i en uppdaterad version. Följande är nytt:

Core changes:

  • semi-transparent objects are now processed correctly when windows enabled
  • battery files now written even after resetting
  • 16-bit sound rendering
  • fixed some LDM/STM instructions when running in user/system mode
  • added missing LDM/STM instruction formats
  • Div/DivARM BIOS calls work correctly when dividing by 0
  • added sound echo effect
  • added sound low pass filter
  • added reverse stereo support

Gameboy changes:
  • can now edit palette for mono games

Windows changes:
  • added option for not stretching viewing data
  • added automatic update option for all viewers (every frame)
  • added tile viewer
  • added disassembler
  • added accelerator editor: user can configure almost all menu items hotkeys
  • added GDB support (will be improved in the next version)
  • memory viewer can now edit memory
  • fixed autofire for L/R buttons which was inverted
  • fixed dialog keyboard navigation
  • fixed bug in map viewer when viewing mode 2 map
  • files should now be saved to the correct directory when directories not set
Game Boy emulatorer

NesterJ 0.51a

En liten uppdatering till NES-emulatorn NesterJ.
Nytt är:

  • fixed menu bugs

  • fixed 'VS Mach Rider' palette

Nebula 2.18b

Ännu en liten uppdatering.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed slow music in some games (megaman/rockman, pang3)

  • Fixed z80 timing, noticeable in long samples (Dandy J stage in wakuwak7)

  • Switched memory card format to a MAME compatible one, now you can use them in Nebula and MAME.

  • Read the info in the previous release (just below) about the locking policy. The same button layout.
  • GUI graphics can be changed (see -packgui option and the section below).

NLMSX 0.42

MSX-emulatorn NLMSX har uppdaterats till version 0.42.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed some problems related to accessing the joystick

  • Fixed a joystick performance problem (especially on higher CPU frequencies)

  • Fixed a mouse cursor problem with disk selection in fullscreen

  • Better disk support (also for the msx1mania disks)

  • Added a Z80 frequency indicator on the statusbar

  • Added a Z80 frequency selector in the configuration editor

  • Added a VDP type selector (not fully used yet)

  • Added 5th/9th sprite indication

  • Added new default configuration set (thanks go to Jonemaan)

Z26 1.55

En av de bättre Atari 2600-emulatorerna har uppdaterats.
Nytt är:

  • New NTSC and PAL palettes.
  • Support for using two axes of a mouse to emulate two paddles using the -m1xy command line switch, where x and y are the paddle numbers to emulate on the axis.

  • Support for 32K F4 bankswitching without the superchip. This is now the default 32K bankswitch mode.

  • New code for reading the PC hardware timer. Interrupts are not turned off as much. This helps sound quality on some systems.

  • Thanks to Eckhard Stolberg for help with this release.

7/7 2002

Nebula 2.18a

En liten uppdatering till gårdagens release.
Nytt är:

  • Fixed mslug3nd driver crashing nebula.

  • Fixed kof99d driver. now it loads the decrypted C roms instead of the prototype roms.

  • Well, seeing the general reaction, I've decided to not to impose my personal ethics to everybody by locking the games I wish, also avoiding people that legally can play them (own the Roms) could play. So I've added a disclaimer that you must accept if you agree with all the points to be legally entitled to use nebula.

6/7 2002

Nebula 2.18

Nebula är en CPS1, CPS2 and Neogeo Emulator.
Nytt är:

  • Improved sound volume (checked with Z80 volume tables).

  • Improved music speed (checked with real sound samples. Thanks to BillyJr).

  • Fixed some wrong objects in KOV.

  • CPS1
  • Fixed incorrect music speed in some games (still some remaining)

  • Dipswitches in all CPS1 games were wrong. They are (should) be correct now. (remember that CPS1 dips are changed in the Cheats menu)

  • Fixed some sprite clipping problems.

  • CPS2
  • Added Vampire Hunter 2 and the rest of the latest CPS2Shock releases

  • Fixed garou select button

  • Fixed garou 3rd Terry stage background animation (requires rasters enabled)

  • Fixed garou random character selection.

  • Fixed sound problems in ssidekicks4 and neobomberman

  • Improved raster emulation with the info from the real HW. Now nebula should not complaing about wrong ng-lo.rom files.

  • Fixed sound problems ninja combat, ninja commando and others. Big thanks to Acho A. Tang.

  • Fixed KOF94 Japan stage intro.

  • Recent neogeo games have been locked. You should go to an arcade if you want to play them.

  • Fixed kof2knd C7 rom (seems that only I had that rom)

  • Added an additional sengoku3 romset for the new P1 (it's not clear what's the correct one).

  • ND romsets no longer use the encrypted P roms, they are fully decrypted.

  • Added an option to auto switch to Fullscreen after loading a ROM (Misc menu)

  • Corrected Nebulaconfig looping in the options screen.

Vad är det för en dag?

Vad är det för en dag?
Vad är det för en dag?
Jo, det är sanites födelsedag.
Hurra hurra hurra.

Ähh, håll käften //sanite

NEStron 0.6.0b

En ny version av NES emulatorn NEStron har släppts.
Nytt denna gång är:

  • Recoded EVERYTHING from scratch

  • Recorded for more accurate emulation - many more games work that didn't before.
  • Fixed a CPU timing bug.
  • No more error messages.
  • It is no longer necessary to restart NEStron to run some games after another game has been loaded.
  • Reset works now.
  • Added "pause" feature.
  • Added "advance frame" feature.
  • Added savestate support.

    APU (Ljud)
  • Recoded everything in C++.
  • Fixed up the length counters.
  • No more need for "Disable Length Counters" or "Star Tropics audio fix".
  • DMC doesn't pop up anymore; added on/off interpolation.
  • DMC plays at the correct pitch/frequency now.
  • Fixed up triangle linear counter.
  • Added waveform synthesizer.

    PPU (Grafik)
  • Back sprites are now drawn in the correct priority.
  • Added optional 8 sprites per scanline limitation.
  • Customizable color palette.
  • No more slight color differences between BG color and tile color.
  • Video mirroring problem fixed.
  • Now supports 16/32-bit rendering.
  • Added selectable fullscreen resolution.
  • Added widescreen windowed mode.

  • Fixed a mapper 7 video mirroring bug.

  • Player 2 seems to work a lot better now.
  • Pressing ALT during the game doesn't call up NEStron's menu.
  • It is now possible to assign "spacebar" to the controls
  • Recent ROM list added.
  • Remembers the last ROM directory you browsed through.
  • Snow effect on the GUI.

5/7 2002

Kawaks 1.44a

En ny version av Kawaks har släppts.
Nytt är:

  • Dungeons and Dragons: SOM (US 960619)
  • Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter (US 970827)
  • Vampire Hunter 2: Darkstalkers Revenge (Japan 970913)
  • Sengoku 3
  • Sengoku 3 (Decrypted Cs)
  • Zuppapa
  • Zuppapa (Decrypted Cs)
  • V Liner
  • Street Fighter II' (YYC)
  • New blending effect: Motion blur.
  • Support for the Savage Reign V2 rom redump.
  • Changed NeoGeo romsets to the latest MAME conventions.
  • Added menu items to control fullscreen resolution.
  • Added menu items to task priority level in Misc menu.
  • Fixed Quiz & Dragons (Japan) (CPS1).
  • Fixed Use transparencies option not beeing saved in INI.
  • Set Kawaks to use High task priority by default (was Normal).
  • In netplay Multitask friendly is forced OFF (reduces desync).

3/7 2002

FCE Ultra 0.80

FCE Ultra är en NES emulator för Windows, DOS & Linux.


    All ports
  • Fixed a bug affecting loading of UNIF files from zip files.
  • Replaced Marat's 6502 emulator with my own.
  • Removed Game Genie ROM image from the source code. It is now loaded from the FCE Ultra base directory from the file "gg.rom".
  • Rewrote many pieces of code.
  • Fixed a major iNES mapper 64 emulation bug introduced in 0.76.
  • Added support for iNES mapper 152. This should be used by any games previously assigned to mapper 70 that depend on one-screen mirroring(such as "Arkanoid 2" and "Saint Seiya Ougon Densetsu").
  • Added settings for the first and last scanline to be rendered while in PAL emulation mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the color deemphasis emulation code and made better use of the limited palette entry space available.
  • Undid some FDS sound emulation code changes introduced in 0.76 that totally messed up FDS sound emulation.
  • Minor bug fix to the Power Pad emulation code so that the official test program works correctly now.
  • Added support for the Famicom Expansion port and removed the option to select between the four-score and the Famicom 4-player adapter(this option is no longer required).
  • Added an option to disable four-score emulation.
  • Added emulation of the Arkanoid paddle controller(both NES and Famicom style) via the mouse.
  • Improved Zapper emulation, though it still needs improvement.
  • Added emulation of the Family BASIC keyboard.
  • Added (partial) emulation of the Hyper Shot gun.
  • Added code to override the user's input port/expansion port settings when certain games are loaded.
  • Added code to fix a few problems that I commonly see with a few games' iNES headers and to inform the user of the problems.

  • Increased the speed of the 8bpp to hi/true-color conversion code.
  • DirectDraw Blt()'s to the primary surface are now attempted to be done asynchronously.

  • Fixed various bugs in the Sound Blaster code.
FCE Ultra's hemsida

FreezeSMS 4.5

FreezeSMS är en Sega Master System, Game Gear, SG-1000, NES & ColecoVision emulator för Windows.


  • FreezeSMS won editors choice award on http://www.vtemulation.com , Check it out :)
  • Changed default priority of the FreezeSMS and base processes increasing speed and reducing latency.
  • Fixed a multiple JOYSTICK plugged in issue with working out redundant joysticks
  • Added RAPID fire buttons separately. You can now have normal and rapid fire buttons.
  • Added Selectable NES Select and Start keys.
  • Fixed a small emulation bug in the sound in regards to volume control
  • Fixed a tiny thread leak bug, thanks Mike.
  • KSCALE and KSCALE with 75% scanlines, filters added. 3 times faster then 2xSAI, Thanks bigly to KAWAKS (Mr K :) team and Elsemi (Nebula)
  • Reduced FreezeSMS executable size by 300kb without using compression
  • Less menu lag (related to sound card). Now stop emulation when menu is accessed
  • Increased PSG sound accuracy, especially noise!
  • Changed init/deinit system to be easier to maintain
  • And a lot more...

    Game Gear
  • Fixed a small SAVE/LOAD state problem not reloading PAGE BANKS
  • Added SRAM emulation fixing a lot of games, such as Shining Force 3 and increasing compatability a lot.

  • YM2413 FM Emulation!!!
  • Added auto-patching of non compliant "BIOS" games so all games can now run with BIOS's enabled
  • Fixed random level issue in Mission Impossible, and probably other games

  • Added RAR support. You can now have your roms compressed to .RAR and run them without decompressing.
  • Added visual styles under Windows XP.
  • Added NES control picture (and others) to the input config.
FreezeSMS's hemsida

paraMSX 0.42

paraMSX är en MSX emulator för Windows.


  • Support FM-PAC Rom Mapper & SRAM(8KB).
  • Fixed Display Update Bugs.
  • Added QuickSave/Load State. (Rctrl+PageUp/PageDown)
  • Added Joystick Option in paraMSX.ini.
paraMSX's hemsida


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